Road Trip- Alissa Doolittle

31 May

Going on road trips is fun, like the time I went with my Nana to the coast. My Nana always puts her arm out the window and her arm always gets sun burned. When we got to Beverly Beach we unpacked and went and played on the beach. Back when we were in the car we listen to Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Adele.  My Nana’s car is burgundy. Its a Camry. I love being with her she is the best when it comes to road trips.


Roseburg might as well be in space

31 May

Larson decided HEY GUYS WE’RE GOIN TO ROSEBURG.  Then we got in little ms sunshine and went to roseburg and I slept the entire time. Nothing happened

Cody’s Road Trip

31 May

In Taylor’s class we all took a bus to Seattle, it was the longest seven hours of my life.  We took a short bus named “Little Miss Sunshine” we got on Beltline, and Neimi barfed and we rode for like an hour before we cleaned it. On the way back we stopped at a gas station and a couple students stole some things. Taylor was straight up pissed. Me and Austin got pissed at each other.

My road trip to portland oregon – shaniqua

31 May

A couple months ago, Iwent on a field trip to Portland with my high school. We stayed one night, but it was fun. We all piled on our bus, which is short, yellow and has red, green, and yellow hand prints all over it. Our teacher decided that he didn’t want to rent a trailer so we all shoved our bags into our seats with us. It was so cramped that people decided it would be better to just sit on the floor. We were staying at a high school so we dropped our stuff off there first. We went downtown to go hang out at the skatepark there, and then we took off to go get our tour guide. We were walking around, him explaining all the boring details that no one really cared about. He informed us that he had been in an episode of Portlandia. after we were done with our tour of the city, we went back to the school to hang out for a little bit. People were upstairs playing ping pong and air hockey. Some people were downstairs playing poker, while others got ready to go out on the town. We left for a food court about the time it was getting dark. We ate some food before we walked around so we wouldn’t be hungry. We all split off into our own groups for a while, which was an open opportunity for some idiot to come up to my group and ask if we wanted to buy drugs. Haven’t they every heard to not take candy from strangers? After about an hour of just walking around in the cold rain, we decided to head back to the school, but our teacher wanted to stop and get pizza first. So as we were  driving to Little Caesars, one of the kids ran to the front of the bus and puked out the door. It was gross, and it caused us to sit there during a green light. The people behind us were so mad. We eventually made it to our destination, where yet again, my little group was asked if we wanted to buy more drugs. Do we really look that much like druggies? Like, why does everyone in Portland think that people from Eugene do drugs? After that catastrophe was over, we went back to the school and watched some movies before passing out. Our teacher woke up late, and we had to hurry to get our stuff packed before the school started so we could get out of there. Thankfully we left on time, but then we had to stop at a disc golf course just inside of Washington. It was cold and I was tired. Ijust wanted to go home. after about two hours, we were finally on the road again and soon enough, we were home. Thank goodness.

My worst road trip

31 May

The road trip I went on was a couple years ago, when I went along for a trip from Oregon all the way to Arizona. The trip took over a day, so I was stuck in the car for 12-13 hours a day. With nothing to do but to sit there and try to entertain myself. We had little to no food, no entertainment, such as tvs, radios, etc. Music would have made it a little more bearable, but I had no ipod at the time so I was royally screwed. Every time I checked the time it seemed to have barely even moved. Time really does go slower when you constantly check it, and it sucks, majorly. I have a problem with sleeping in a car. I just cant seem to get in a comfortable enough position to fall asleep. So I’m forced to stay awake and look out the window, the scenery rarely changed so it was even more boring. I can’t even remember what type of car we were in so don’t ask. As far as details go, there weren’t really any details to go by. Unless if you count the scenery, in which I’ve passed deserts, forests, big fields, and meadows. The weather varied in different locations, like when we went over the Cascades it was snowy everywhere. When we got into Idaho and started to head south, it turned to stormy rain, then when we hit the desert, flat plains with no life visible for miles, it was unbearably hot and cloudy. And that weather continued for the rest of the trip.

Matraiya – David, Althea

28 May

Have you ever walked into a new place, and the very first word to come to mind was “hippies”?   That was my first thought as I walked into the eco village, and it was an interesting experience indeed.

“Eco Village” is a very fitting title for this place, as it sticks true to its name and your expectations.  Whilst the Eco Village may be smaller than you imagine, with the word “village” making you gain literal image in your mind of people building houses out of straw and hay in an entire village, it is still a very interesting anomaly in an otherwise industrialized city.  We met with the manager and owner of the village, whose name escapes me at this moment.  He led us into a house with walls made out of clay, sand, earth and straw.  I was impressed that a functioning house could be built with these kinds of materials, as when you first think of it, it seems impossible.

He gave us a tour of the rest of the village, and we met a few hippie types along the tour, as to be expected.  This place is like a magnet for these folk, so if you are allergic to hippies, beware.  He then showed to us some small cots, almost tent like structures made out of what was essentially junk.  These served as sleeping areas for some tenants of the eco village, which I found to be somewhat unsanitary, but normal for a hippy.

After the cots, he also showed us a very small “guest” sleeping area, which had a bed that looked very well used, and a roof made out of some kind of stick material, the name of which I could never remember.

All in all, the experience was interesting and it was very different from anything you’d expect to see in a city.  I’d recommend giving it a visit for the learning experience, but don’t try to move in here unless you’re a hardcore hippy and prepared to say the right words to the right people, as the process for moving in here involves befriending these people over time and eventually getting them to let you stay here.  I do think the rest of the world could perhaps learn a lesson from these sustainable building techniques and lifestyles. ~David

Grey and slippery it stalked its food as if he and another were competing for the same target. As he swam around his giant rock adobe it looked as though he had been swimming routine laps over and over. The same way a cat chased a mouse till it was consumed or the cat grew weary of this tedious process. It was clear that he was hungry and had no desire to eat in an orderly manner. With each swish of his large tail it became harder and harder to follow him. Wasting no time to get rid of all evidence, he quickly blended into the murky water and once more he disappeared like he was never there. As I stood there I thought of how he must be feeling, to be the only catfish where he resides must be hard. Swimming lonely with no one to play with or not being able to share food with another. Just him, the yin without the yang trying to be both he turns grey and dives down deep only returning to the surface in hope of finding a meal and another catfish with whom he could share it with. I shook my head and threw my old thoughts away as we continued our tour. Our tour guide Robert lead the way to our next destination. We walked upon a path of broken up bricks and pieces of old wood it seemed as if everything was reused. even though it was all uneven broken and didn’t match in a weird way it worked its self out. He showed us houses that were small and others that could fit a large amount of “hippies” as he would say. the over all experience of this trip was amazing seeing a new efficient way to live that didn’t cost you and arm and a leg. Completely natural and 100 percent eco-friendly these houses looked very well built and expensive it was great to see them for the first time. ~Althea

The “Little Song” – Sonnet beginnings, Justin, Alissa, Jordan, Hayden

25 May

It was a midsummer afternoon in Monroe, Washington. Attending a Formula Drift event becomes a dream come true. Thick white smoke and the smell of burned rubber lingers the air. Keep Drifting Fun is more than just a movie, it’s a symbol. Feeling like a kid as I smile from cheek to cheek, standing beside Dj Miki Taka. A backpack full of free items from aftermarket companies and drivers. ~ Justin


1. Baileys shirt was as pink as the tulips. 2. Our hands in each other’s pockets like best friends do. 3. Bracelets on our wrists, sparkling in the sun. 4. We wear tank top, t-shirt and long sleeve. 5. We all wear shorts. 6. Shortest short and longest. 7. The pretty white flowers glisten in the sun all day long. 8. I’m 16 bailey is 14 and Tara is 15. 9. Our hair flowing in the wind as we giggle about stupid thing people say.  10. The green grass squishing through our toes. ~Alissa


It was a very exciting night. Friend’s hanging out, driving around listening to some crazy dub step. Went out to get some amazing burgers from Dickie Joes. Then after we did that we went and picked up Hayden and Sara’s little sister to hang out with us. The park was calling our names so we had to go there and hang out. We went to Courtnee’s house after that and that is where this picture was taken. ~Jordan

Just a couple fools mugging. You can not look at this funny picture without laughing. Some people might find this picture scary. The low hats add to the comedy. When you’re on a bus for too long, gunny pictures like this happen. Long trips make you trip. ~ Hayden